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Latest Release

Death of Darkness
Immortal Guardians Book 9

“This book is soooo good, I had to immediately read it again."
— eBookObsessed

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Also Available

Awaken the Darkness
Immortal Guardians Book 8

A USA Today Bestseller

“Heart‐stopping, intense, humorous and powerfully romantic."
— Reading Between the Wines
Book Club

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Blade of Darkness
Immortal Guardians Book 7

A USA Today Bestseller

4.5 stars
“Each book has action, suspense, mystery, tension, hot steaminess, paranormal elements, and humor.
Oh, man, how I love the humor.”

— I'm a Voracious Reader

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The Gifted Ones Book 2

4.5 stars
“You will smile, swoon and have
a lot of fun with this”

— Books and Things

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Shadows Strike
Immortal Guardians Book 6

4.5 stars
“Fans of terrific paranormal romance have hit the jackpot with Duvall and her electrifying series.”
— RT Book Reviews

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A Sorceress of His Own
The Gifted Ones Book 1

A USA Today Bestseller

4.5 stars
— Books-n-Kisses

4.5 stars
“An addicting and exciting
new series. I'm hooked!”

—Reading in Pajamas

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Phantom Embrace
Immortal Guardians Book 5.5

A USA Today Bestseller

“ Duvall's hauntingly beautiful
novella, set in the world of the
Immortal Guardians, portrays the
deep love between two people who
can never touch, with a wonderfully
unexpected ending.”

—Publishers Weekly

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Night Unbound
Immortal Guardians Book 5

A USA TODAY Bestseller

4.5 stars
“Book after book, Duvall brings her readers complex, fascinating tales of romance, danger and loyalty.”
— RT Book Reviews

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Darkness Rises
Immortal Guardians Book 4

A USA Today Bestseller

RT Reviewers' Choice Award
for Best Vampire Romance
Nominee 2013

“Krysta Linz is a kick-butt vampire hunter whose world is taken for a sexy spin when she meets Immortal Guardian Étienne d'Alençon in Duvall's fast-paced and humorous latest paranormal”
— Publishers Weekly

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In Still Darkness
An Immortal Guardians Novella

Only $1.99!

“Readers will appreciate the rich characterizations and the kick-butt action of Duvall's In Still Darkness”
— Publishers Weekly


Phantom Shadows

A New York Times and
USA Today Bestseller

Top Pick
“With a deeply emotional love story, two beautiful, complex main characters and a pulse-pounding adventure that won't let up, this book was haunting and addictive and I loved every page.”
— The Romance Reviews

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Top Pick
“This blend of kick-butt action, intriguing plot twists and heartfelt passion is utterly addictive!”
— RT Book Reviews

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RT Reviewers' Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance 2011 Nominee
“A thrilling and chilling new paranormal series. Fantastic!”
— RT Book Reviews

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(I've been hard at work, bringing you Death of Darkness, Immortal Guardians Book 9, so I have not been updating this page as often as I should. If you would like to ensure you'll hear about all the latest giveaways, you are welcome to join my Dianne Duvall's Books Group on Facebook. I always post links there, even when I don't have a chance to add them here.)

Death of Darkness PreOrder Giveaway

Thank you, everyone who has pre‐ordered Death of Darkness! Don't forget to enter the Death of Darkness Pre‐Order Giveaway I've launched to show my appreciation. Three prizes will be awarded:

Prize Packs

a Death of Darkness pillow
a signed paperback copy of Blade of Darkness
a Death of Darkness coffee mug
an Immortal Guardians pen
13 collector cards
5 postcards

$50 Amazon Gift Card

I like the pillows so much I ordered an extra one for myself. I kept a coffee mug, too. Love‐love‐love them! So if you pre‐order Death of Darkness in ebook or audiobook (so sorry I can't make the paperback available for pre‐order) before August 20th, just fill out the form and you will be entered to win. Winners will be randomly selected and notified via email by August 25, 2019.

Death of Darkness Pre‐Order Giveaway Entry Form

Death of Darkness Blog Tour
Death of Darkness Blog Tour Prize

Death of Darkness, also known as Seth's book, releases on August 20th in ebook, audiobook, and paperback. Woohoo! I'm celebrating the big release with a fun Death of Darkness Blog Tour that has many fun stops and some very cool prizes. You can find the details on my Tours page.

Night Owl Reviews Cupcakes & Books Reader Scavenger Hunt

The Night Owl Romance Cupcakes & Books online Reader Scavenger Hunt has begun. Woohoo!! The event begins on August 8th and will continue through August 22nd. Over $700+ in Prizes will be awarded with over 100 Winners

1 — Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite Winner
(USA Only)

1 — $50 Amazon Card Winner
(Open to the World)

1 — $25 Amazon Card Winner
(Open to the World)

101 — $5 Amazon Card Winners
(Open to the World)

I've teamed up with Night Owl Romance and many other authors to bring you the chance to win a Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite (USA ONLY) & Amazon Cards (Open to the World). So I hope you will drop by, join the fun, and find some great new books.

Romance Cupcakes & Books Reader Sscavenger Hunt

Dianne Duvall Swag Pack Giveaway

Join me over on my Facebook Page for fun Flash Giveaways that include signed books and swag!

Book Giveaways

Plus I would love to chat with you. You never know what topics we may tackle next over there. So, if you do join us, be sure to "Like" my page and—in the Liked menu—tell Facebook to notify you of my posts under Get Notifications or to see them in your feed under Posts in News Feed, otherwise there's a good chance Facebook's algorithm will keep you from seeing them. And I don't want you to miss out on any giveaways.

Dianne Duvall's Street Team Monthly Contest

I also hold a monthly contest exclusively for my awesome Street Team.
All active members are automatically entered. If you would like to join
my Street Team or to learn more about it, you can do so here:

Dianne Duvall's Street Team

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